Meat Plant Design

The design of meat, poultry and seafood plants presents challenges unique to the meat industry. Inspection requirements are greater in this segment of the food industry than in any other sector: FSIS inspectors from the USDA provide daily oversight within each facility. Our firm has a long history of providing design and construction services for USDA inspected meat, poultry, and seafood plants so we are well aware of the facility and layout guidelines and requirements for USDA plants. In fact, our firm was chosen to update the USDA's Handbook 570, A Guide to Construction and Layout of the U.S. Inspected Meat and Poultry Plants, before it was replaced by HACCP regulations.

Our experience in the meat industry covers every product segment imaginable. Whether you offer raw, processed, or ready-to-eat products, we can help you design and construct your facility.

Featured Meat Plant Project


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