Food Industry Innovations

Food Industry Innovations

During its 60-year tenure, Food Plant Engineering has pioneered numerous building and layout concepts that promote sanitation and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), as well as comply with FDA , and USDA regulations and Global Food Safety Standards such as SQF’s and BRC. Many of these concepts are now common practice in the food industry. Some of these innovations include:

50's Specified hot-dipped galvanized steel for exposed building structural elements in production and wash down areas.

60'sUsed reinforced poured concrete curb wall protectors as an improvement of coved wall floor junctures and small curbs.

70'sApplied high head room working spaces and out-of-the-work-space isolation of service and refrigeration piping

80'sDesigned personnel and product movement patterns into the layout to prevent the potential for production contamination

90'sUtilized clean room design techniques for critical product packaging rooms to control air flow and reduce airborne contamination between production areas.

00'sDeveloped layouts with control, storage, and cleaning areas to reduce potential cross-contamination situations from food allergens

10'sImplemented sustainable concepts into food plant layouts and designs to improve energy consumption and increase durability of building components