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Food Plant Engineering, LLC offers comprehensive solutions to plan, design, and construct commissaries and prepared food plants. For more than 60 years we have designed facilities that exemplify the best in industry practices from sanitary designs for food safety to efficient plant layouts for productivity. We tackle a variety of projects throughout the U.S. from small additions and renovations to large new plants. 

Planning Services

Grow your commissary operation by implementing our master planning services. We will analyze the various options for expanding, renovating, or constructing a new facility.

Design Services

Design your commissary and prepared food facility and operation using our trusted professionals. A keen understanding of sanitary design principles enables our team of architects and engineers to work toward preventing the host of the issues in a facility that cause chronic food safety problems.

Construction Services

Construct your commissary with our engineering led build approach. Our method of project delivery offers you choices regarding the quality and cost of your finished facility. Construction services range from oversight of your preferred contractor to our single source plan design build option with our sister company Food Plant Construction, LLC

Specialized Knowledge

The design of commissary facilities presents unique challenges.  The vast array of multiple classes of food products presents food safety challenges. Most culinary centers can involve any combination of bread, dessert, soup, salad, meat, and entrée preparation.  A facility designed to reduce cross contamination caused by food-borne pathogens, food allergens, and people-and-product flow within the facility requires careful thought and planning. The meat preparation sections of the facility may require USDA inspection, soup and sauce preparation will need special ventilation requirements and hoods over kettles, while some areas of the baking section will need to be designed for dry cleanup.

Food Industry Expertise

Our experience with central culinary centers covers every conceivable combination of products imaginable. No matter what products you wish to make, we can help you design and construct your commissary facility.